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A highly efficient AC cooling device

Features & Benefits

  • The TCCS Cabinet/Panel cooler is a high efficiency cooling device for Electrical cabinets &Telecom shelters.
  • Reduction of OPEX up to 50%, reduce your Carbon Foot print and maximize network availabilities.
  • Specially designed for cooling electronic equipment in challenging environments and is often used in on and off-Grid" Telekom enclosures.
  • Main applications are: Telecommunication base-station cooling, smart grid outdoor cabinet cooling as well as all kinds of industry controller box cooling.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant: R134A
  • Compact Mono Block design.
  • Plug and Play, easy set up
  • Flange design allows for easy installation. (Through wall or Cabinet door mounting)
  • Closed Loop Cooling protects equipment from ambient environment.
  • Temperature set point: 20 -40°C.
  • Adaptable for T3 Conditions.